COVID-19 Studio Class Update

Instructions for Online Zoom Classes

  1. Click here for the Spring 2020 Zoom Class Schedule and determine your dancer's class day and time.  Please be aware that we tried to keep our classes as close to our normal schedule as possible, but we did have to make some changes/adjustments so if you have trouble finding your dancer's class, please contact the office.
  2. Click on the Parent Portal Button above. 
  3. Depending on your device, go to "Classes and Events" or scroll down to "My Schedule" to see your original dance classes listed. 
  4. The classes listed in your portal are your Original classes/days/times.  (check our Spring 2020 Zoom Class Schedule above to be sure of the Virtual Class days/times).
  5. At the bottom of each class listing, you will see in blue, "View Resources." Click there. This will open a box with the Virtual Class name/day/time and another "View" button. Click "View." 
  6. Give yourself 5-10 minutes before class to log-in. If you get the message, “host has another meeting in progress,” just wait, and the teacher will be there shortly.  Pass your cursor over the screen and you will see menu items at the bottom. If needed, click the “Unmute or Mute” button in the lower left corner.  If your class has not started within 5 minutes of the scheduled class time, contact the studio office for help.
  7. That’s it. If you have any problems, email or call the Studio Office. We will be monitoring our email and studio phone lines during class times, to insure timely guidance for getting access to your classes.
  8. If something happens and you happen to “drop” the meeting, close your browser and log back in.  This should work unless you are having issues with your internet. 

Tips to remember before logging in to your first Zoom class:

  • Check the battery life on your device before starting class. Make sure you have enough charge to complete class and have your charging cord handy just in case!
  • Please make sure that you do not stand in front of a window or any other form of light. This will cause a shadow on you and your teacher will not be able to see you and give proper corrections. Standing in front of a blank wall of any solid background with light shining towards your face is best, even outside in daylight!
  • Your teachers expect to see you in proper dance attire, just as you would wear to the studio for class. Hair pulled back, proper dance wear and shoes will be needed. If you take tap, the best place to take class would be in your garage or outside on the concrete, or on tile floor of any kind that will allow tap shoes.  To prevent slipping, you could cut cardboard boxes apart and tape them to the floor to tap on.  If you do not have that option, you can always take without your tap shoes. 
  • For Ballet level 1 and above, you will need a chair, desk, or something to hold on to in place of the Ballet Barre.

Conducting and taking virtual classes is new to most of us. Each day, we will all get better at it!  If you need assistance, please contact the studio office.



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Ashlie Wells - Tracy SolomonAbout The School…42 years of excellence in dance training. For more than four decades The Dothan School of Dance, under the direction of Tracy Solomon and Ashlie Wells, has given Dothan and the surrounding communities the highest quality dance training available. In 1997 Mrs. Solomon took over the Enterprise School of Dance, formally Jen-Deb School of Dance.

Through our progressive level training program, students of all ages have the opportunity to strengthen their bodies and minds as they grow to love the art of dance. From the very beginning Creative Movement class to the most advanced level dance classes, our students gain a solid understanding of proper technique and dance terminology.

Studies have found that dance training helps students to prepare to meet the challenges of their everyday lives such as: creative problem solving, discipline, concentration, respect and relationships with peers and classmates. Our curriculum fosters physical awareness and improves the student’s body carriage, poise, coordination, focus and appreciation for the art, while experiencing the sheer joy of movement and fun. For the serious dancer or for the student who dances for recreation, dance helps promote self confidence and leadership abilities and provides an excellent outlet for creativity.