In order for things to flow smoothly at the studio, there are a few policies that we must all follow.

Students may only drop a class at the end of a trimester.  Tuition will not be prorated during a trimester period. If at any time you need to withdraw, you must NOTIFY THE OFFICE IN WRITING prior to the withdrawal. Non-attendance is not considered withdrawal from class. Trimester charges continue and tuition is due until we receive written notification of withdrawal. If a student drops mid-term, neither the May tuition nor the current trimester tuition will be refunded, due to that student taking up a spot in class that another student could have occupied for the entire year. There is a drop fee of $10.00 per class if a class is dropped from one trimester to the next. At the beginning of the year, you may change your schedule without a penalty if you do it by August 25th. After that time, the drop fee will be enforced.

For ballet, all girls must wear pink tights and pink ballet shoes and a solid colored leotard (black or pink is recommended). Ballet skirts are optional and hair should be neatly secured in a bun (no ponytails). For tap class, Levels K through 6 should wear tan flat tap shoes; Intermediate and Advanced students should wear tan split sole oxford tap shoes. For jazz, all students should wear tan jazz shoes. Boys and men should wear black tights or jazz pants, t-shirt and appropriate shoes for each class. Hair for all classes should be neatly secured away from the face and off the neck. No heavy jewelry or loose fitting clothes should be worn to any class. All dancing supplies are available in our DAZZLE dancewear shop.

The leotards, tights, shoes, and buns associated with ballet and dance all serve multiple practical and aesthetic purposes. A tight bun insures that the dancer’s hair will not be in her line of vision and impede her while spotting turns. It also creates a more ballerina-like body line by making the neck look longer. Leotards give the teacher a better view of the dancer’s muscles and body positions. Tights insure full coverage while raising legs high in the air. In other words, there is a reason that we require certain types of dancewear at ESD. PLEASE be sure that your child attends class in appropriate dance attire, shoes, and hair. Buns for ballet. Pony tails or bun for other. No loose hair.

We invite and encourage all parents to come in the classroom on the first day of classes. Each teacher will tell their class what is expected and tell the students and parents their own “classroom rules.” In order for your dancer to learn to 100% of their ability, parents are not allowed in the classroom during regular classes OR DURING PRIVATE LESSONS. Please get in the habit of viewing through our “viewing window” and teaching your child to enter/exit the classroom on their own. All pre-school classes will be called from and returned to the lobby.

These policies are VERY IMPORTANT for operations to run smoothly. PLEASE review these policies with your dancers and please bear with us when we remind you of our policies.
Thank you so much for your cooperation, and we look forward to teaching your children. We appreciate your support in helping us enforce these policies, and we appreciate your business. See you the week of August 11th.

There are 2 dressing rooms in the building:

  • The Blue Dressing Room is for all students who are in school grade 6 and below.  
  • The Green Dressing Room is for all students who are in school grade 7 and up.

Personal lockers are available for rent by the year. The rent runs from June 1-May 31. The fee is $50.00 per year and each locker has a lock with a 3 number code. Lockers can be rented by bringing your $50.00 check to the office and selecting a code with Angie. She and the dancer will be the ONLY people to know the code. There should be NO OPEN FOOD OR DRINK in the Dressing Rooms. This is to protect your children’s clothing and belongings.

There are 2 bathrooms located at the end of the main hall. Dancers should use the Blue Restroom on the left. Teachers, parents, and all males should use the Green Restroom on the right.

We strive to keep our building nice, clean, and bug free. In order to do this, we can only allow food and drinks in the VENDING AREA which is located in the BACK HALL.  ONLY WATER WILL BE ALLOWED ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE BUILDING. Please help us keep the building clean by informing your child of this policy. It will be strictly enforced!

All information is disseminated via e-mail. PLEASE read all email from the Enterprise School of Dance. If your email address changes, please NOTIFY the OFFICE. Announcements, newsletters, and other information will also be posted on the bulletin boards in the main hall. Office hours are from 2:30 – 7:30, Monday – Thursday. Please try to do all of your business with Angie, the office manager, during these hours.